Factor’s culture is one of curiosity and discovery, driven by a desire to invent new technologies to treat disease and improve health. At Factor, we strive to immerse our scientists in an environment that provides all of the resources they need to be successful. In this environment, we have assembled a vibrant and diverse community of people collaborating to produce outstanding results.

Mission, Vision, & Core Value


We founded Factor Bioscience to develop new technologies in a little-explored area that we believed had enormous potential: messenger RNA ("mRNA"). Our goal is to unleash the potential of mRNA to treat disease and improve health.


At Factor, we support a model of unlimited discovery. We believe that breakthroughs arise when scientists are given the freedom and resources to pursue their ideas. At Factor, science is our business.

Core Value

Patience: At Factor, our projects are not organized around artificial timelines. We understand that science is often unpredictable, and success requires committing to explore potentially world-changing ideas.

Our Lab

This year, we completed the construction of an ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility at our headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our new facility is designed to produce cutting-edge mRNA and cellular medicines for all phases of clinical testing. In this facility, we will produce cells that have been reprogrammed and gene-edited using mRNA for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and regenerative-medicine applications. We will also produce next-generation mRNA vaccines designed to elicit a robust and durable immune response against diverse pathogens. In addition to supporting our own projects, we are pleased to provide our partners with access to our cleanrooms to support and accelerate their clinical programs.