24 March 2021

Exacis Biotherapeutics Develops mRNA-Engineered iPSC-Derived NK Cells For Difficult-To-Treat Tumors

  • Exacis has generated NK cells from iPSCs engineered using mRNA gene-editing technology to resist rejection by the patient’s immune system
  • ExaNK™ cells show superior tumor cell-killing activity and cytokine production compared to peripheral blood-derived NK cells
  • Using iPSCs to develop off-the-shelf products avoids the need for donors
  • Provisional patent application filed; data to be presented at a major conference later this year

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Exacis Biotherapeutics Inc., a development-stage immuno-oncology company working to democratize access to the most advanced and effective cancer treatments, today announced several important steps in the preclinical development of its ExaNK™ engineered NK cell-therapy candidates…Exacis has an exclusive license to the Factor Bioscience technology for engineered NK and T cell products derived from iPSCs for use in oncology and holds all global development and commercial rights for these investigational candidates… » Continue Reading.

23 March 2021

Wise Construction selected to build Factor Biosciences Cambridge cGMP facility

CAMBRIDGE, MA–Wise Construction has been selected to build Factor Biosciences Cambridge cGMP facility located in a building that had previously only been used for office tenants, the company announced. “When Factor Bioscience needed a new space for their cGMP facility, research labs, and offices, they knew Wise’s expertise in conversions would lead to a successful project,” Wise Construction said in a statement.

As a developer of technologies for engineering cells to advance the study and treatment of disease, Factor needed the facility to house two ISO7 clean rooms, an ISO8 clean room supply and return space, a CNC BL2 lab, along with all associated office and support areas… » Continue Reading.

18 March 2021

CÚRAM and Factor Bioscience join forces to develop new cell therapy for COVID-19 patients

New cell therapy could be brought to clinical trials for severe Covid-19 cases within the next year.

Galway, Ireland–CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices based at NUI Galway, has announced a new research partnership with US-based biotechnology company, Factor Bioscience Inc, to develop and test a new cell therapy for people with severe Covid infections and other serious respiratory illness…. » Continue Reading.

22 January 2021

Factor Bioscience Profile

Brief version of a profile of a Cambridge, MA, company doing research and manufacture of MRNA technology that will slow and even reverse the aging process in human beings… » View Here.

06 January 2021

Factor Bioscience Spins Out A New Cell Therapy Player With Eyes On The Clinic Within 2 Years

The quest for CAR-T 2.0 is gaining an mRNA player, as Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Factor Bioscience sends a spinoff racing toward the clinic.

Factor drew the curtains on Exacis Biotherapeutics on Wednesday morning, with Sollis Therapeutics co-founder Gregory Fiore at the helm of a small immuno-oncology focused team built around Factor’s technology. The spinoff has the rights to 51 patents and just a bit of seed money from friends and family to get it going — but Fiore says an IND submission is on the horizon….  » Continue Reading