Polyvalent Ionizable Lipid Library

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Lipid delivery systems containing ionizable lipids have entered broad clinical use with the introduction of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and are now generally considered the gold standard for in vivo mRNA delivery.

Our scientists developed a technology that enables rapid screening of a library of polyvalent ionizable lipids to select for potent application-specific lipid formulations9.

The Polyvalent Ionizable Lipid Library is protected by a pending U.S. patent (with additional patents pending in other countries).

9Belcher, E., et al. Mol Ther, Vol 31, No 4S1, 2023.

Example Applications

  • Application-specific library screening
  • Screening for delivery to target cells and/or tissues
  • Combine with Factor’s Chromatin Context-Sensitive Gene-Editing Endonuclease for high-specificity ex vivo or in vivo gene editing
  • Protection of nucleic acids from degradation pathways
  • Efficient delivery of RNA and/or DNA to a variety of cell types
  • Deliver nucleic acids, including mRNA, in vivo
  • Combine with Factor’s Engineered Protein-Encoding RNA to streamline manufacturing of nucleic acid therapies