Gene-Editing Therapies for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is a debilitating disorder associated with aberrant neuronal activity.

Our scientists developed a method for treating chronic pain by editing genes encoding voltage-gated sodium channels in cells of the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system.

Gene-Editing Therapies for the Treatment of Chronic Pain is protected by a pending U.S. patent (with additional patents pending in other countries).

Example Applications

  • Achieve direct, persistent treatment of affected neurons – monoallelic or biallelic inactivation of the SCN9A gene (encoding Nav1.7) in vulnerable cells of the dorsal root ganglia
  • Combine with Factor’s Chromatin Context-Sensitive Gene-Editing Endonuclease for high-specificity in vivo gene editing
  • Combine with Factor’s ToRNAdo™ Nucleic-Acid Delivery System for high efficiency in vivo delivery – proven delivery to primary neurons ex vivo and CNS in vivo