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Gene-Editing Therapies for Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is a debilitating disorder associated with aberrant neuronal activity. Modulating the activity of certain voltage-gated sodium channels has been shown to suppress this aberrant neuronal activity.

The scientists at Factor Bioscience, working together with scientists at our affiliate, Novellus, Inc., discovered method for treating chronic pain by editing genes encoding voltage-gated sodium channels in cells of the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system.

The Gene-Editing Therapies for Chronic Pain technology is protected by a pending international patent application (with plans to pursue patents in the U.S. and in other major market countries).


  • Direct, persistent treatment of affected neurons – monoallelic or biallelic knockout of the SCN9A gene (encoding Nav1.7) in vulnerable cells of the dorsal root ganglia
  • Combine with Factor’s High-Specificity Chromatin Context-Specific Gene-Editing Technology for high-specificity in vivo gene editing
  • Combine with Factor’s ToRNAdo™ Nucleic-Acid Delivery System for high efficiency in vivo delivery – proven delivery to primary neurons ex vivo and CNS in vivo