Engineered Protein-Encoding RNA

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Cells use messenger RNA to carry genetic information encoded in genomic DNA to the cytoplasm for translation into proteins.

Our scientists developed a technology for inducing cells to translate defined proteins using protein-encoding RNA engineered to enable long-lasting expression of desired proteins.

Engineered Protein-Encoding RNA is protected by a pending U.S. patent (with additional patents pending in other countries).

Example Applications

  • High-level expression of defined proteins ex vivo and in vivo
  • Ultra-high efficiency editing of primary cells and pluripotent stem cells
  • Gene-editing therapies (ex vivo and in vivo)
  • Autologous and allogeneic engineered cell therapies(e.g., CAR-T, CAR-NK, stem cell-derived therapies, etc.)
  • Combine with Factor’s ToRNAdo™ Nucleic Acid Delivery System for high efficiency in vivo delivery – proven delivery to human skin in vivo
  • Combine with Factor’s Polyvalent Ionizable Lipid Library for in vivo application-specific delivery