Exacis Biotherapeutics Develops mRNA-Engineered iPSC-Derived NK Cells For Difficult-To-Treat Tumors

March 24, 2021

  • Exacis has generated NK cells from iPSCs engineered using mRNA gene-editing technology to resist rejection by the patient’s immune system
  • ExaNK™ cells show superior tumor cell-killing activity and cytokine production compared to peripheral blood-derived NK cells
  • Using iPSCs to develop off-the-shelf products avoids the need for donors
  • Provisional patent application filed; data to be presented at a major conference later this year

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Exacis Biotherapeutics Inc., a development-stage immuno-oncology company working to democratize access to the most advanced and effective cancer treatments, today announced several important steps in the preclinical development of its ExaNK™ engineered NK cell-therapy candidates…Exacis has an exclusive license to the Factor Bioscience technology for engineered NK and T cell products derived from iPSCs for use in oncology and holds all global development and commercial rights for these investigational candidates.